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Purge 05:40
Money 04:33
I have come to expect Your presence to be around And I have come to respect What you mean to me Now, do we need to assess Who your true self should be Should I need to possess qualties to see for myself Brought to your attention Cuz I want you and I need you (yes I need you) Everyday and every night I knew I loved you I knew I needed you (Now could it be Yes I wonder 2x I could not feel any pulse, A heartbeat I could not sense, a conscience so, where could I be I thought I was in heaven, I could not be lost I hoped I found, the source of where I was born (2x) Ahhhhhhh Ad libs I felt so free No shackles anymore I could run free One reason I fought for Now, where would I be I should be near I knew it, im meant to be close I knew I found The source life of where I was born (2x) Ads libs
I have found a better way A change of heart I feel alive No place to be There’s nowhere else id rather be Lost in heaven I am he, who rules the world I am here, to rule the world I belong to this realm I’m here to rule my world 2x I belong to this realm I’m here to rule my world Lost in heaven (repeat) Ad libs I wanna care, for someone Who’s always there, who wants to share I wanna run, but I’m here to stay Cuz I belong here Lost in heaven I am he, who rules the world I am here, to rule the world I belong, I belong, I belong here I’m meant to be here Ad libs
There is a price On your head Safety a matter Of urgency Did you not think Twice about your actions Your life is at risk Everything fell over Nothing remains here Ruins in shambles You can’t survive without merit Ad libs This journey of ours Was doomed from the start Without a knight in shining armor Trying to find, salvation from a god Science from the stars There was a pursuit A collection of happiness I Was Never led to the right path Chasing relentlessly Conquests through habits of mine You can’t, you can’t survive without Ad libs Repeat first verse Ad libs You cannot survive , you cannot survive
I, oh my, would never allow Such, such a filthy lie, oh my (oh my, say) Why, oh why, maybe its just time to fear I, oh my, would never allow Oh weyo weyo weyo, ah ah (youuuu) I left that behind (ooh woah) I didn’t know what to think about youuuu Left you behind, I didn’t wanna know Time to fear (repeat) My, oh my, oh my (oh my) If you’re willing to try Such, such a filthy lie Oh my, oh my, oh my (say) I, oh ahhh, oh myyy, maybe its just time to fear I, oh my, oh whyyyy Oh my, my I don’t wanna start a fight Repeat chorus Ad libs Uh uh, uh uh uh What you think about it I really wanna know about it About you (repeat) REVISIONS Each and every single time You got under my skin You had in it for me (oh) Now I wonder what You had in store me Won’t you try surprising me (Repeat) A suggestion box was Built within me A suggestion bos was Built so openly 2x Ad libs) Youuuuuuu oh oh Youuuuuuuu (repeat) A suggestion box was Built within me A suggestion box was Built so openly Each and every single fight, we had You just could not see, you wouldn’t understand me (oooh) Now I wonder why You running back to me It Definitely surprised me (Repeat)
Revisions 05:09
On My Mind 04:09
People talk, talk about, what about What’s going on in the world, today They wanna know, know about, Who decides, Who’s behind The fate of our world, today Now who’s got the answer, to the questions That I’ve got, today Is there something or someone, out there Can’t you see, Life’s not colorblind I wanna say On my mind, mmmmhh Today, i wanna say Now am I going somewhere, Do I, look in both directions before I cross So, hold my hand, take me anywhere Or should I, follow one direction Before I fall On mind Mmhh Today, i wanna say Verse 1 repeat I’m so curious What’s going with my world today Chorus


Starving Yet Full (Azari & III) & August Jakobsen (former guitarist for Trentmøller) collaborate to deliver their excellent eight-track album entitled ‘Cemetery Gospel’ on 4NC¥ (Foreign Currency).

Moscow-based singer, songwriter Cedric Gasaïda, aka Starving Yet Full, was the lead vocalist of the Canadian quartet, Azari & III who achieved crossover success in 2011 with hits including 'Hungry For The Power' and 'Reckless (With Your Love)'. Now pursuing a solo career, collaborating with suiting production outfits from all corners of the globe, releasing under collaborative projects such as BLENT, and touring his latest material, Gasaïda has fostered an admirable presence in the modern-day electronic music landscape. After being introduced by Pavan Mukhi of Foreign Beggars, Gasaïda teams up with DJ, producer, multi-instrumentalist and one half of APP alongside Peter Pixzel, August Jakobsen, for their irresistible 'Cemetery Gospel' album on 4NC¥ (Foreign Currency), an Indian label split between Mumbai, Dubai & London. With an extensive background in jazz composition, August holds a unique, euphonic style that runs through his music on various labels such as Diynamic, Kindisch, Global Underground, and WetYourSelf! Records. The eight-track project explores both the melodic sensibility of August’s production and the bittersweet emotion behind Gasaïda’s vocals, with the result being a mesmerising body of work with shifting musical styles and spirit.

'Purge' is something of a heartbreak song that came about after parting ways with Azari & III and unveiling the Starving Yet Full alias from the emotional fallout that stemmed from the tumultuous relationship.

The track kicks off the album with enticing energy as the pulsating melodies wrap gracefully around August's enchanting vocals and shimmering synth waves, before 'Money' offers up sizzling arpeggios, elastic chords and contemporary grooves.

Up next, 'Cemetery Gospel' delightfully fuses bouncy bass stabs with floating pads, with the track exploring a vision of a goddess, all dressed in black, heading to a church to confess, which ends up in an ascension rave within the church’s cemetery.

Springy compositions, euphoric flutters, and glistening vocals take the focus in 'Lost in Heaven', a metaphor for a source of light that represents serenity, consciousness, and finding oneself.

'Journey Of Ours' is a lively cut combining warm low frequencies, sparkling tones and sharp drums whilst 'Left it Behind' reveals hazy, late-night atmospheres, ethereal fx and funk-fuelled synth licks.

'Revisions' follows with hooky percussion, spiralling bass leads which ebb and flow around soaring vocals and an infectious groove.

'On My Mind', a track in response to equal rights, gay rights and police brutality, rounds of proceedings with low-slung, celestial guitar waves, soulful keys and hypnotic builds.

This debut album offers up a milestone for the duo whilst showcasing their songwriting prowess and artistic finesse glossed with elements of passion, self-discovery and enlightenment.


released April 2, 2021


all rights reserved




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